Homemade Dog greeting Cards

If you have a member of the family who is a dog, it’s pretty apparent that you want to send them a dog birthday card. It’s pretty easy to do too. If you know someone who is creative, you can get your own cards made up. For example, if your friend decides to use peanut butter and jelly as the theme for their dog’s birthday, you can get them a simple recipe for a treat that uses those items. It won’t be much, but if you put some peanut butter, jelly, and a few dried dogs in a brown paper lunch bag, you’ll have a tasty treat for your best friend.


There are many fun things you can do with a homemade dog birthday card. You can draw a picture of the puppy to use as the card stock. Then you can get some tissue, cut out shapes, cut out eyes, put on stickers and ribbons, and have fun with all of it. These adorable little birthday cards for puppies are also easily edible. Made entirely of natural ingredients and of course for snacks, these homemade birthday cards are totally edible.

If you know someone who enjoys cooking and baking then sending him or her some handmade cookies or even a special homemade Christmas cake is a good idea. With handmade holiday cards you can give your best friend some hints about the treats he or she would like most for the holidays. Also, since you’re probably not going to buy a pre-made Christmas cake from a grocery store or bakery, you might consider making it yourself. Dog birthday card ideas like this are cute, tasty, and will put a smile on your best friend’s face for a long time to come.

If your best friend happens to be a pug, then getting him or her a personalized doggie holiday card makes a great idea. Get your favorite pug’s name embroidered into some ribbon, stuff him or her full of stuffing, and tuck the stuffed creature in a stocking. It is a perfect gift for a pet lover like you. Dog holiday card ideas like this one are fun for both you and your doggie pal. Everyone in the family will enjoy this special treat.

One of the most popular choices for doggie birthday gifts are photo cards. With a personalized dog tag, a photo of your pooch can be included in the greeting card. Photo cards can be customized with all sorts of themes such as a beach motif, an ocean scene, or even one of your dogs in its everyday life. You can include a photo of your dog in its daily life or perhaps doing a favorite activity. The theme of the photo card will be determined by the personality of your pup and the personality of your recipient.

If you prefer to create your own doggie greeting via Etsy, you can use doggie templates for your craft. You can choose a doggie theme and include items such as teddy bears and/or other stuffed animals with your pup’s name on them. You can save this as an item to sell on Etsy, or you may decide to sell them as part of a doggie package. Email people the photos of your doggie, and they will be happy to receive a lovely package in the mail featuring your pooch in all of his or her glory.

You can create doggie holiday cards via eBay. Choose a wide variety of doggie themed items and create doggie card for each of them. eBay members will surely enjoy receiving these doggy holiday cards as well as your gift. To get your eBay doggie card started, simply search the eBay category for doggie holiday cards and wait for the cards to arrive in your inbox!

Doggies are a joy to have around. As much as we love our dogs, they are often times a pain to take care of. It’s nice to know that there are places to send our beloved pets and share wonderful memories of them with family and friends. Dog cards let us show our doggies how special we think they are, and remind them how much we love them. Send your doggies out in style this year and see how much everyone notices how happy you are with their gifts!